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Persons pc?  

The cost of driving days is 10 € / driver / vehicle, the price includes a car and driver, one "servicer" and a lunch box for both. (Usually sausage and juice) The price of additional friends is 5 € / piece (including edible) All arrivals must be in advance. Abroad use Paypal: nolimitmotorclub (In cash price is 20€)

SUNDAY 07. Jan Street 1/8mile test @Mettäselli 14:00(fin)


The location is a closed area, so registration is not required but Road Insurance is must be! (Trafikförsäkring) Use helmet.

Sunday 07/08/22 at 14:00 (fi) Location: Marostenmäentie 1, Kemi


(katoma uuesti joskus)

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(tell number of heads no later than Fri 13.8.)