No Limit Grass Drags driver invitation


Drag race event for sleds / mopeds in grass field at Keminmaa on Saturday, October 1st!

The track lenght is 500ft or 152.4 meters. Timing: Reaction /60ft /Elapsed time+speed.


Safety: As driving equipment, a helmet and the necessary proper protection. Motor insurance is a condition of participation. Please check the brakes and that everything is properly closed! The participant's age limit is 15 years and under 18 must be with parent..


Event steps:

  1. Drivers arrive at the place starting at 10 o'clock.
  2. Pick up your rider number at the timing point, your ride will be checked visually with safety in mind.
  3. In the pit area, choose the place you think is suitable. Use the maintenance tray and leave the area clean of debris when you leave, thank you.
    ->The pit is only visited if it is necessary to refuel/refuel, otherwise the sleds are stored in the Line-up area in places marked with signs for the classes, so that it is easy to leave it by class when your time comes. (Take care of yourself at the line when it's your turn, if you miss the ride, the driver can look in the mirror)
  4. Take care of the cleanliness of the maintenance area, take a fire extinguisher and/or a fire extinguishing blanket with you. Refueling at the depot at your own risk. Bring any cooling water/snow yourself.
  5. At the beginning, Exercises/Sorting are run, at least two races / more within the schedule. Try to drive sorting bets with the same pair, taking turns on different sides of the track. Based on the times run, a drop chart is formed, and the Eliminator run is run in pairs so that the slower always drops and the winner goes on.

    During the event, all the results at - when driving the drop chart, you can also see the constantly updated running order, i.e. when you should be at the line, share that address with the maintenance guys as well, and tell them to click the "Ajojärjestys"-button during the eliminator.👈


11:45 Drivers' meeting before the start the driving

12.00 The races start with exercises/qualify, at least two run/driver, possibly more.

14:45 Drivers' meeting before the eliminator

14:00 Eliminator starts

15:00 Final => Prize distribution



  • DB limits and tunings: Feel free, honestly check the right class.

  • Class division: STD =>600 standard sleds with a cubic volume of 600 and below. Class STD 600=> standard sleds over 600cc. Water sleds and tuned for Open Modified, Turbos and/or gas for Open.  All with wheels in the ATV class. All "Strange invent vechiles" for the Open.

  • Motor insurance (trafikförsäkring) in the vehicle is a prerequisite for participation, without exception.

Questions in the Whatsapp group, to which we will add those of you who have registered.